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MikeD is my favorite internet friend. He tells stories of drugs, booze and whoring and finds time to work and dee-nee. I'm guessing he has a couple of STD's named after him. He is literally a man among boys, he carries his laminated MBLA membership card in his wallet at all times to prove it.

Yesterday, I was tested for anal mikedizitis. Thank god it was negative. If there is a hell, I'm sure there is a spot waiting for him right now. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for the moment he has a serious girl (or guy) friend and they discuss past relationships and number of partners. I have a feeling he'd say--"Do hookers count as relationships?" and "Honestly, I'm not sure how many people I've slept with. I'm usually too wasted to even be certain if anything actually happened."

All in all, Miked stories make me excited to check out dee-nee every morning. I just think about the many formerly innocent girls who've fallen victim to miked's charm and drugs.

Things MikeD has done:

1. Had anal sex with a married woman in a tent

(S)external Links

Soy un turisto de sexo - the definitive MikeD opus

Rdub On MikeD

There are friends you hang out with on a regular basis. There are friends your wife makes you spend time with, of which, all of them annoy the fuck out of you. There are friends you would help bury a body if called upon. And then there is a friend like MikeD.

He'd steal money out of your wallet then tell you about it to your face. He'd laugh like a drunk monkey while watching you get your ass kicked by an angry mob. He'd sleep with your mom/wife/girlfriend/daughter without thinking twice about it and then complain to you about how rotten the sex was.

..but then he'll say something so off the wall funny, you'll laugh till your face hurts and swear you're high. He knows how to have a good time better than any 6 people you know to the point that when a parties gone south, he can single handedly put it on it's back and carry it all the way to bonertown. And if someone told you the end of he world was tomorrow, there isn't a single person you'ld rather watch the world blow up with than him.

And that's MikeD.