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Wumpst is a mysterious poster on the Dee-Nee Forums whose identity and name has taken on an almost mythical quality. Wumpst has posted only once on the Forum since joining in January 2005. The name is thought to be a bastardization of the metal band Wumpscut, although this is purely speculation. "Wumpst" has been turned into the popular phrase "bumpst", currently popular to use instead of "bump" when "bumping" a thread.

There are many "lurkers" on the forum, but Wumpst became so famous because of a thread started by rdub asking for more information about him. It just kind of grew into a running joke since then.

Quotes about wumpst

  • Give wumpst an inch and he'll take a mile. -- CurtFlood, 2/10/05
  • Wumpst. As Patrick Swayze so eloquently sang, he's like the wind -- fightonusc, 2/10/05
  • You can take wumpst from dee-nee but you can never take the dee-nee out of wumpst -- Gantry, 4/7/05
  • A Wumpst in the hand is worth two wumpsts in the bush -- MikeD, 4/8/05
  • Wumpst: n. A mythical creature of Dee-Nee legend who, if spotted online, is said to grant its discoverer 3 wishes. Legend has it that wumpst is 118 ft. tall with the head of a dragon and the body of a '76 Brick-Red Chevy Malibu -- Rdub, 6/10/2005

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