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Rdub, known for his adventures, not in babysitting, but sleeping with babysitters, since he was 6, has grown into a man, yet some believe he's still a child at heart. He's an avid book reader/movie critic. His favorite book is "everybody poops" and his favorite movies include "Lightning Jack", "9 1/2 Weeks", and "North by Northwest."

He has many fans, but he has more STD's. I asked Rdub about that and he stated, "I love women, but its time I settled down. AFF didn't work for me as all the chicks were either fat and ugly or cute but had major acne problems on their back. So I went back to the well and am currently DITB'ing my ex."

So there you have. He's an intellectual who no longer dabbles in viral transfection, but instead intellectual enlightenment.

Rdub is known throughout the dee-nee universe as one of the most reckless golf cart drivers of all time. His propensity for driving on the green has put fear into the man who has no fear, Bonny. To this day Bonny hasn't given rdub his golf passes and probably never will..

To the best of anyone's knowledge, he has, however, not sexed Mutombo.

Rdub is a master of the Airsoft pistol.

Rdub is the only man with a beard that strikes fear into Chuck Norris.

Rdub is the only person who understands funny.