Charlie Kerfeld

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Beefy Kerfeld

Charlie Kerfeld is a righty relief pitcher for Houston in RBI Baseball. His name is often misspelled Kerfield. Be sure to get this right as to not look like a rookie.

Kerfeld had quite a problem with his weight throughout his career, as entries from dee nee's Hall of Shame clearly show:

  • Once had 37 boxes of Orange Jell-O written into his contract
  • Had a lucky Jetsons shirt he almost always wore under his jersey
  • After balooning to over 275 pounds, Kerfeld was sent down to the minors because of his weight problem
  • Caught eating a plate of ribs in the bullpen in July 1987. *

Fatty Kerfeld is a right-handed pitcher who throws from the side. The sidearm motion is pretty much all he's got going for him, except of course for an insatiable appetite for Jell-O and red meat. There is no truth behind the rumors he is now working on a barbecue flavored Jell-O.

Kerfeld was the youngest player in the major leagues in 1985, debuting at age 21 years, 10 months.