Doodlebop Incident

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Not to be confused with the BOP, the Doodlebop Incident is an ongoing war in the Dee-Nee boards. The two main players in this battle are Ryno and the ever-cheating JoeDirt.

One: What in the Virgina Uncle-Fucking Hell is a Doodlebop?

I'm glad you asked that. The Doodlebops is a children's show that airs on the Disney Channel. After trying to watch an episode for reference, I have deemed it the weirdest children's show since Teletubbies. But that is besides the point.

Two: How does this involve grown (and probably drunk) men?

They're invloved because of Ryno's son, Ryne. Being the poor and naive little boy he is, he just adores the show. Ryno wanted to record the show on DVD so his son could watch whenever. However, he is a cheap-ass who can't afford a DVD recorder... that, and he's semi-Amish in his fear of new-fangled devices. So Ryno openly asked on Dee-Nee if anybody would record it for him. JoeDirt agreed to do it, under certain... conditions.

Three: What qualifies this as an incident

Simply put, JoeDirt's 'conditions' were meant to break Ryno's spirit. In order to get the precious DVD, Ryno had to openly say his beloved Chicago Cubs sucked worse than a dead French whore. He also had to change his Aviator to one of the Doodlebops. Ryno, like the decent father he is, agreed to these conditions. Dee-Nee may never be the same...

This incident was last reported on at the time below. It will be updated as things progress.

--G-Funk 23:15, 17 May 2005 (CDT)