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Mark fknmclane is a legend on the Dee-Nee Forums. He has more posts than any member except his dear, dear IFF Gantry and takes the time to read every single thread on the forums. Though many confuse his nickname with Die Hard, it is simply his name preceded with a fkn.

The highlights

This list is a general breakdown of fknmclane's better known qualities.

  • Has a wife who is way too hot for him.
  • Has two daughters that are way too cute to be his
  • Has a custom made RBI tshirt
  • Drinks plenty of Miller High Life
  • Recently graduated college in a mere 8 years
  • Responsible for bringing forum stalwarts BeeJay and Chubbrock to dee-nee, as well as sometime posters Ozzy and sandman, his brother
  • Is a connoisseur of good music, notably punk.
  • Is well-liked by every forum member and participates in all level of discussion
  • Brought the slurve style of RBI to the masses
  • Enjoys the occasional drunken posting spree
  • Knows someone who fisted his cousin while on the phone with their grandmother (the friend's cousin and grandmother, not fknmclane)

Choice Quotes

Drunken Post: Regarding RBI Legend Roger Clemens; "He is so fucking ridiculous is sint'a even funny. What'sf worse is that he has busfincking blonde harid now. He looks awful fubt can stil pitch flike a motfo.