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Poolstroke72, AKA Frank the Tank, is an enigmatic member of the Dee-Nee forums. Never one to use proper grammar or punctuation, Poolstroke's posts quickly led to mockery and eventually angst. His two month absence beginning in the middle of the RBI fantasy baseball draft solidified his status as a solid board member. You know, as in not gaseous, liquid, or plasmatic. Following this hiatus, Poolstroke made a triumphant return to the board, creeping everyone out with numerous, unsolicited invitations to play straight pitch RBI and his excessive use of lol-style, all caps, Internets lingo. Poolstroke's legend will live on for years due to never having lost a 42 game RBI series. Rumor has it his conduct carries over to Tecmo Super Bowl forums as well.

Memorable Moments

Frank after he won the "Bestest Straight Pitch Player Of All Time" tournament (picture by resident kickball guru fightonusc)



For hot, one-on-one, staight pitch action, AIM him at TSB God or email at cardgambler@hotmail.com