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Potsie is a friend of Gantry's, and has won two RBI Baseball Drinking Game Tournaments. However, he is more known for his shameful 'accomplishments', coining 'Dee-Nee', and his aviator.

Vital Stats

  • Nickname: Potsie
  • Forum Nickname: Potsie
  • Hobbies: Disc Golf, Drinking, Rummaging Through Cars
  • Favorite Drink: Free Beer
  • Favorite Line: "There's Two of Dem" - Double Impact
  • Favorite Simpsons Quote: "Trying is the first step towards failure" - Homer
  • Favorite Band: Lagwagon
  • Favorite Taco Bell Meal: The Nacho Bel Grande
  • Failsafe pickup line: Have you ever done an alumni?
  • Family Friends: Ed McCaffrey, Tyrone Wheatley, Sedrick Irvin
  • Dekalb Claim to Fame: "Accidentially" driving over a pole

RBI Info

  • Favorite Team: Boston
  • Favorite Player: Chili Davis
  • Favorite Arcade Team: Oakland
  • Favorite Arcade Player: Mickey Cochrane
  • Most Hated Player: Kirk Gibson
  • Best At: Hitting with Righties
  • Worst At: Hitting with the pitcher
  • Best Moment: Winning 1999 Championship
  • Inspiration Song: Urge Overkill - Sister Havannah
  • Claim To Fame: Dee-Nee!!

Hall of Shame Accomplishments

Note: All accomplishments were 'performed' with Straight Pitch rules.

  • Giving up a game-winning grand slam to Ozzie Smith
  • Giving up 2 grand slams to John Kruk in the same inning
  • Losing 23-0 in one inning
  • Losing 23-2 (on 23 hits, 6 HRs) in two innings
  • Striking out twice in a row (in straight pitch people!)
  • Striking out twice in a row to end the game (same game as above)
  • Giving up two authenic bunt singles in one game
  • Hitting into a triple-play to end the game
  • Striking and bunt-striking out in consecutive ABs (12/18/2001)
  • Giving up an inside the park homerun on a popup to 2B (12/18/2001)
  • Vince Coleman stole home on him (6/16/2002)
  • Losing three times in a row to Houston (6/2002)
  • Giving up 19 runs to Houston (7/10/2002)
  • Giving up 4 Homers to Bob Brenly (7/16/2002)
  • Giving up 2 Homers to Lee Mazilli in one inning (7/25/2002)
  • Giving up 2 Homers to Alan Ashby (3/5/2003)
  • Getting 1 run in a 9 inning game with Houston (5/10/2003)
  • Striking out looking and caught stealing on the same (straight) pitch - 5/29/2004
  • Got slaughtered 14-3 with NL vs Mn (Gantry) in 1 inning (7/4/2003)
  • Gave up two homers to Roy Smalley in one inning (7/4/2003)