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Lipitz or Lips is not a man to be tangled with. His fierce loyalty to his friends and their chairs is legendary. He once killed a man with his bare hands for even considering taking Malnuboy's chair in a downtown bar in Columbus, OH.

Lipitz has no patience for whores who waste any of his friends' time. Lips mantra is "put up or shut up...whore". It is believed that he is the only man with internal self generating methamphetamine glands that cause his harried state.

He has also heard that you like shros.

I'm sure Lipitz will rise to the same heights that Donovan McNabb and Rasheed Wallace rose to. Eventually...

Vital Stats

  • Nickname: Lips, Gumby
  • Forum Nickname: Lips
  • Family Friends: Brian Urlacher, Adam Vinatieri, Joe Horn
  • Favorite Drink: Miller Lite
  • Hobbies: Drunken Wrestling, Fantasy Football, Entertainment News
  • Favorite Simpsons Quote:"Homer. Simpson, Homer. D'oh...Simpson." - Mr. Burns
  • Favorite Band: Quantum Leep
  • Favorite Taco Bell Meal: Chicken Nachos BellGrande