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BDawk (nee vgp100) is one of the oldest and most trusted members of the Dee-Nee Forums. He is well known for his humor, love for all things Philly and not putting up with crap. He lifts a lot of weights and the ladies probably like him for it.... maybe...

BDawk on BDawk

Bdawk is easily the dumbest of all dee-nee. Everyone looks up to him and asks his advice for most every situation. He also thinks it's funny that someone changed his profile here and call him dumb.

Bdawk is also the smartest and always wins battles of wit. He is a man of integrity--he only responds to threads with quality porn--none of that half ass crap.

Bdawk has been around a long time and feels it necessary to give new members a certain degree of crap.

All in all Bdawk is a very important turd in the machine that is dee-nee.

MikeD on BDawk

BDawks rakish wit and charm makes him a formidable match for any renaissance man on the forums. He's always quick to the point and to the point no fakin'. He's the reason many people wake up each day and dedicate themselves to bettering the world. A finer person you cannot find. Unless you leave the house/internet. Then you notice they are everywhere. Anyway, a (partial) list of BDawks strengths/hobbies/accomplishments:

  • Once wore a live rattlesnake as a condom, inspiring a Saturday Night Live skit
  • He's magic. And I'm not saying he knows magic, but he actually IS magic. Like a wand or something.
  • An accomplished concert pianist, he once toured with Guns N Roses as Axl Rose's stunt piano double for the song November Rain.
  • Has only killed once...that we know of.
  • He steals socks from people's dryers. Especially argyles.
  • Once went camping in the Maine woods in a suit made of steak. When a bear came to eat him, calmly talked the bear out of it. They then grilled the steaks and are now best friends.
  • Starred in the movie Titanic.
  • Is considered one of the best trapeze artists in the Metro Boston area.
  • Had a dream he was at fknmclane's house and it was snowing.

JerryD on BDawk

  • He's pretty cool.
  • I think he won a game of RBI once.
  • Of all the members of the board, he's one of them.

Rdub on Bdawk

  • how the hell did this guy get so much written about him
  • I mean seriously, nobody has even met this fuckin' guy
  • I bet no one would even like him if they found out his name was Vincent Pierri