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An alumnus of the esteemed Parish State University and the holder of a healthy obsession with all things Harold Baines, this former resident of Portsmouth, Ohio is a long time member of the dee nee forums.

Baines was the first to experience the combination of a blowjob and RBI. This may seem damn near impossible to top, but he also incorporated RBI into his wedding day, complete with an RBI cake and a post-ceremony thrashing of his new wife on a kick-ass wood grain television.

As if this weren't enough, Baines also met up with fellow forum member fknmclane on a cross-country visit to Arizona. He says he was just riding along with his friend but we all know he really wanted to hang out with fknmcLane and pass out on his couch after drinking copius amounts of alcohol and after playing a ridiculous number of RBI games.

In other news, Baines will be a proud papa in a few short months, one of a number of dee nee babies soon to be spawned and unleashed upon this great land.

It is a well known fact, Baines has no alliances.

Pics needed of Baines' cake and post-ceremony RBI game with Kim. fknmclane 23:41, 16 May 2005 (CDT)