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Dick Schofield, the X-Factor

Dick Schofield is the #7 hitter and starting shortstop for California on the NES version of RBI. He is known for his streaky play and adequate performance, making him a typical seven hitter in RBI.


  • Born on November 21, 1962 in Springfield, IL
  • Drafted by the California Angels in the 1st round (3rd pick) of the 1981 amateur draft.
  • Played in the Big Leagues with California (1983-1992, 1995-1996), the New York Mets (1992), Toronta (1993-1994) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (1995)
  • Was the league's youngest player (20) in 1983
  • Had his best season in 1986, the Angels' year in RBI, hitting .249 with 13 HR and 57 RBI
  • His father (Dick Sr.) was a longtime major league shortstop
  • Schofield led the Midwest League in hitting (.360 at Danville) in 1982 and hit .284 with 94 RBI with Edmonton (Pacific Coast League) the following year
  • He and Alan Trammell are the only two RBI players to hit walk-off grand slam home runs. Schofield's ironically came against Trammell's Detroit Tigers, as he hit a two-out pitch by Willie Hernandez into the seats to give the Angels a 13-12 victory on August 29, 1986

RBI Stats

Career Stats

1368 4299 505 989 137 32 56 353 120 446 684 .230 .308 .316 .624

Schofield in RBI

Schofield is a decent, but not great, player in RBI. His stats are actually quite impressive. The 861 power is only a few points lower than Wally Joyner, but most everyone would agree that Joyner is a much more dangerous hitter. Schofield lacks consistency, which is why he is nicknamed the X-Factor. When Schofield is on, the Angels are very difficult to beat. If he is off, the bottom the California lineup typically suffers.


  • X-Factor
  • Richard
  • Scrofeld

RBI Baseball Cards

Dick Schofield's 1987 Topps card
Dick Schofield's 1987 Donruss card
Dick Schofield's 1987 Fleer card

Other Pics

Dick Schofield joined the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993
Dick Schofield with the Angels for the second time

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