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Grich at the plate

Bobby Grich is the #6 hitter and starting 2B for California on the NES version of RBI. Though his numbers are decent, he is taken out by most everyone, give it curve or straight pitch style. There are some people who haven't seen Grich take a at-bat in years.

RBI Stats


  • Born January 15, 1949 in Muskegon, MI
  • Drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 1st round (19th pick) of the 1967 amateur draft
  • Played in the Big Leagues with Baltimore (1970-1976) and California (1977-1986)
  • Signed as a free agent with the California Angels in 1977
  • Led the AL in homers and slugging percentage during the strike shortened 1981 season
  • He was the first second baseman to lead the American League is home runs since Nap Lajoie in 1901
  • Six-time AL All-Star (1972, 1974, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1982
  • Hit by pitched balls a league-leading 20 times in 1974
  • Was TSN Minor League Player of the Year at Rochester in 1971

Grich in RBI

Despite his decent (but not great) numbers, Grich is probably the most subbed player on the California squad. In a recent forum poll, 75% of all players take Grich out either immediately or after his first at-bat. In fact, many people have stated that they have not played with Grich in years. Most folks sub out Grich with Ruppert Jones, because of the big jump in power.

If Grich does stay in the game, his lack of the pinch hit bonus makes him one of the worst full-game players on the team. The only starter he is clearly better than is Gary Pettis, but Pettis has the speed, lefty and gimmick hit advantage. His 819 power makes him serviceable, but all-in-all Grich is either a quick sub or an Achilles Heel. If he were a bench player or on a less powerful team, Grich would be useful. But alas, he is not and you should adjust your lineup accordingly.

Career Statistics

2008 6890 1033 1893 320 27 234 864 107 1087 1278 .266 .371 .424 .795

Hall of Shame Entries

  • The first of many back injuries for Grich was caused in 1977 by carrying an air conditioning unit up his stairs.


  • Son of a Grich
  • One-pitch Grich (explanation)
  • The Grich Who Stole Christmas
  • Bird


  • After losing Game 7 of the 1986 ALCS: "That series was an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved. I thought we had it." He announced his retirement moments later.

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