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fightonusc, kickball guru

A huge fan of the University of Southern California athletics, fightonusc is an integral cog in the machine that is the dee-nee forums. Fighton is probably the second-ranked photoshop artist coming in a close second to Beejay.

Interesting facts about the man, the myth, the legend...

  1. Flying across the country to participate in The Cousin to the C.O.T.U.T.
  2. Enjoys riding small farm animals
  3. Does not go by the name Dick
  4. A lover of fine music
  5. The Bill James of RBI due primarily to his player rankings
  6. Commissioner of the second season of fantasy RBI Baseball
  7. Founder of the fantasy babe draft on the anything goes forums
  8. Is not Jewish
  9. Is a semi-professional kickball player
  10. Looks like Jack Black, especially when riding small trains
  11. YES!
  12. Has an aversion to fences