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The original Dee-Nee!

Gene Larkin is a bench player for Minnesota on the NES version of RBI. Though not the most powerful bench player, Larkin is an adequate sub and often goes in at the #8 spot for Steve Lombardozzi. Larkin is probably most famous for spawing the term Dee-Nee, thanks to a sound effect by Potsie.


  • Born October 24, 1962
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1987-1993
  • Was a member of two World Championship teams for the Twins
  • Led the league with 15 HBP in 1988

Larkin the Player

Gene Larkins was a lifetime Twin, a solid but unspectular player. He only played full-time in three of his seven seasons, but saw action most every year. Larkin was statistically consistent from year to year. He didn't strikeout much and could fill in reliably at OF, 1B or DH.

RBI Stats

Larkin in RBI

Though Larkin certainly isn't known as a world beater, he is still actually overrated in RBI circles. He is worthy of starting full-time, but that is only because the Minnesota bench is so tremendously weak, along with their #1, #6 and #8 hitters in the lineup. Most sub him in for Lombardozzi, though don't expect much out of Larkin's 771 power and mediocre speed. The best thing going for him is that he's a lefty, making him more valuable in straight pitch.

Larkin and Dee-Nee

It is true that Gene Larkin is the reason the term Dee-Nee came about. One day in 1998, Potsie was playing a game of RBI at our college apartment in Dekalb. He had Minnesota and called "time" to sub out Steve Lombardozzi. There was a lot of shit talking going on during this particular game and Potsie said something to the effect of "oh yeah, here comes the big sub". He gets to Larkin and cries out Dee-Nee as he presses the A button. One of those "you had to be there" things, but when it came out, we were all laughing like idiots for a good minute. After that, we starting yelling the term out at random times. From there it evolved into the stupidity you have today...


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  • Barry Larkin

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