George Brett

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Brett's classic swing from the left side

Known more for the fact that the RBI programmers screwed the pooch on the side he bats from rather than his power or speed, George Brett is a glaring hole in the AL lineup at the 7-spot. He also needed to apply some Preparation H on his glaring a hole in 1980. Because he had hemorrhoids.

Brett in RBI

The programmers of RBI obviously had their heads up their asses when putting the King of Pine Tar Rage into the world's greatest video game and the quality of the AL All-Stars suffers because of it.

With a decent left-handed bat kicking off the bottom third of the AL lineup the squad could be far more formidable than the crap many believe it to be. George Brett is a shell of his real-life 80's baseball self, with his batting from the right instead of his natural left being a top reason.

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