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Slurve is a method to the madness that is RBI Baseball and is a name given to a pitching style used by a minority of RBI players.

The rules of slurve pitching are rather simple and break down like this:

  1. Every pitch must be a strike
  2. A pitcher is not allowed under any circumstance to throw two changeups in a row
  3. Breaking rules 1 or 2 results in a straight pitch being delivered immediately following said fuck up

Rule #1 does NOT mean every pitch must be straight. The pitcher has the liberty of moving the ball all around the screen so long as said ball is called a strike in the event the batter does not swing.

The majority of slurve players rely on location, location, location when pitching and mind games are a rare occurance. The beauty of slurve is the inconsitency in games, as players may go through stretches of 3-2, 2-1 games and then suddenly partake in a 14-12 slugfest. These swings in score are often accompanied by the mass consumption of alcohol.