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A BOP is the term used to describe an error in RBI. It's grounding or fielding error initiated by the computer, where the ball bounces off your player and he briefly changes into a constipated moron. It does not include user-created fielding errors, such as misplaying a flyball or throwing to the wrong base. The sound created by a BOP is the single most annoying sound on the planet and has been used in Alabama as an alternative to chemotherapy.

Note: The official scorer in the game will always record an error for a BOP without regard to any real baseball ruling or interpretation (ie. runners advancing or put outs).


The term BOP was originally given to the Dee-Nee Crew by their college pal Nancy Bala. BOP, which is short for Bolt of Poop, is a clever way to describe taking a shit. Upon hearing, we all just found the term to be quite funny and often used it in its original form (as in "I gotta BOP"). When we started playing RBI heavily, an error became a BOP because of the look of the fielder. Upon BOPing, the fielder almost looks like he's taking a dump, hence BOP

Other terms

Terms used by other RBI fans:

  • Japanese Rice
  • Boink(s) or Doink(s)
  • Blings
  • Squiggles
  • Broken Teeth - "Because the player looks like a broken tooth when he makes one" - PHole717
  • Faced - "because he takes it off the face" - fknmclane's brother Craig and Craig's college roommate BeeJay
  • Sweaties or Sweatball cause it looks like player sweats.
  • Blookems - If you say it fast, it sounds like the sound made when somebody like Spike Owen boots one