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The history of the Dee-Nee forums is long and illustrious, much like the list of strange MikeD and rdub have bagged. Founded along with in late 2001 by the Great One Gantry Zettler, the forums are the driving force behind the continued world domination by all things R.B.I. Baseball.

For many people, life would be incomplete without the Dee-Nee forums, a place where men (and the occasional woman, i.e. moses and carly) can discuss any topic imaginable.

Boards on the Dee-Nee Forums


News is the place to check out any updates to the website and forums. While these so-called updates are few and far between, this board is also the place to air any grievances regarding the running of the website. ultimate7 has practically made a living out of said bitching and moaning.


R.B.I. Baseball

The R.B.I. Baseball board is the place for all things R.B.I. (duh.) From arguing over the infield fly rule to whether or not the pitcher homerun is possible, you're bound to find every minute detail of the game discussed, dissected and even worshipped on this board. In a true measure of the sick obsession with the game, even fantasy R.B.I. Baseball leagues have been created and housed here.

The R.B.I. Baseball board is the siren song of the Dee-Nee forums, as it sucked in many forum stalwarts who were looking for a place to drop their science on the greatest game ever created. Let's put it this way...on the first day, Gantry created On the second day, he created the R.B.I. Baseball forum (my guess is that on the seventh day he drank mass quantities of either PBR or Old Style.)


Online R.B.I.

It's the place to (not) find an online game of R.B.I. Baseball, the Online R.B.I. board. Many noobs have found this their final resting place as their begs, pleas and cries for an online game have fallen upon deaf ears.

Many leagues have actually been based on the board and while not frequented nearly as often as the R.B.I. Baseball and Anything Goes boards, it is still an integral cog in the Dee-Nee Forums machine.


Anything Goes

Anything Goes means just that. Not for the faint of heart (or stomach,) this board gets by far the most activity and contains conversations and discussions that can wake the dead only to make them kill themselves again.

The humor comes fast and furious on the board and if one is not careful, a case of the dee-nee giggles easily strikes. Disclaimer: this "humor" is not for everyone. Many jokes have been beaten into the ground by a dead horse and have now become part of the Dee-Nee lexicon.

A summary of the board is damn near impossible as so much has gone on. Summarizing even a day of the Anything Goes board has become more and more difficult. The board is the power that keeps forum members coming back and more importantly, keeps them from being the slightest bit productive at their respective jobs.



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