Dee-Nee House

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The Dee-Nee House is the townhouse where the four members of the original Dee-Nee Crew purchased together shortly after college. It's located in the bustling town of Wheeling, Illinois and has a long and storied history.


The house was purchased in July of 2001, with all four crew members moving in immediately. They lived up the high life and had a grand old time for about two years. Real life shortly caught up with most members, however, and the members started dropping out like flies. First to leave was Sperling, who was called up to active duty in the Army. Then Lips bought a house with his longtime girlfriend (and future wife) Skups. Finally, Potsie moved move due to inadequate funds. As a result, Gantry bought the house off his friends in September 2003 and still lives there to this day. Though it's a 3-bedroom house, Gantry prefers to leave all three rooms empty and live in the basement. Because that's how he rolls.


The Dee-Nee house, while a little less active than in its heyday, still gets plenty of action. The yearly Dee-Nee RBI Baseball Tournament is still held there each April/May, is the gathering place on football Sunday and is typically the meeting place whenever the crew gets together to tear up the town.

Current Residents

  • Gantry
  • Remo (black cat)
  • Burrito (black cat)
  • Katie (grey cat)

Former Residents

  • Sperling
  • Lips
  • Potsie
  • Darcy (and daughter Evelyn, aka Burrita)
  • Carly
  • Strassy
  • Erik aka Slim
  • Roman (black cat)
  • Perry aka The Piz (black cat)
  • Kagome (cat)
  • Boots (cat)
  • Koko (cat)
  • Grey Kitty (cat)